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Snap-In Booster Insert

Snap-In Booster Insert

Snap-in Booster Insert

Our inserts are made of two layers of 500GSM bamboo fleece and a stay dry suede cloth layer, which gives you the option of stuffing the inserts into the pocket or just laying them on top.


The snap in booster insert is 33cm long and 12.5cm wide and can be snapped in or just placed into the shells for added absorbency.


Pair it with our snake to increase the amount of absorbency for heavy wetters or long naps/night times.


Our inserts will shrink in the first few washes and this is absolutley normal due tothe nature of the natural fibres. They have been made bigger to allow for a perfect fit after the shrinkage.


After washing, we recommend giving them a gentle stretch out n both directions to reduce the wrinkling in the stay dry layer.

  • Wash Guidelines

    Our inserts can be washed up to 90 degrees if required

    We recommend routinely pre washing and main washing on 40-60 degrees

    Tumble dry hot or hang to dry

$6.00 Regular Price
$2.00Sale Price
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