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Breanna Tepper

Studio South Design

Location: Gippsland, Australia

Style: Illustrative, Australian, Flora and Fauna.


Instagram: studio__south


I'm a Gippsland based creative with a background in Fine Arts and Horticulture. My design approach always begins by hand, whether it be drawing, painting or print, my chosen pattern is then repeated and finalised using Photoshop. 


I love fabric design as it gives my artwork functionality. Sustainability is very important to me so knowing that my work can be transformed into a practical, long lasting and beautiful garment or homeware is extremely fulfilling. 


I enjoy versatility in my designs but my main influences have always come from nature. Whether I am on a bushwalk, by the ocean or in my garden with the chickens, scratching nearby. Nature is our best teacher whose guidance we sometimes overlook. Observing and transferring those patterns is my way of celebrating and honouring what we have.

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