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Banksia Yellow

Banksia Yellow

Our diapers are one size fits most, from approximately 3.5kgs up. The rise snaps at the front of the diaper adjust the size as required as your baby grows.


The outer shell is made of a water resistant PUL layer, and lined with a super soft suede cloth that acts as a stay dry layer, wicking moisture away from babies bottom.


The inserts are made of two layers of 500GSM bamboo fleece and a stay dry suede cloth layer, which gives you the option of stuffing the inserts into the pocket or just laying them on top.


All of our patterns are lovingly designed by an Australian artist.


Due to the natural fibre, some shrinkage of the inserts is to be expected during the first few washes.  Absorbency of the bamboo will also increase with each wash, reaching maximum absorbency after 6-8 washes.

  • Care Instructions

    Pre wash and main wash on 40 degrees Celsius, using a good quality mainstream detergent.

    Dry Pail before washing.

    For wee nappies, just add straight to the dry pail.  For poop nappies, knock solids into the toilet and add to the dry pail.

    Sard soap or an equivalent can be used for stubborn stains

    Hang shells to dry in the shade. Do not dry the shells in direct sunlight. 

    Inserts can be tumbled dried or hung to dry.

    Some shrinkage of the bamboo/cotton layers is expected after the initial few washes.  This will give the stay dry layer a wrinkled appearance.  To reduce this, gently shake and stretch out the inserts before hanging.

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