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Bamboo Cloth Wipes- 10 pack

Bamboo Cloth Wipes- 10 pack

Our wipes are a double layer wipe with velvety soft velour on one side, and bamboo terry on the other to pick up all kinds of muck!


20cmx 20cm, our wipes are the ideal size for all kinds of mess! Keep some at the change table, some at the dinner table and some in the nappy bag for whenever they are required.


We use our wipes with a spray bottle of water and a few drops of baby soap, but they can also be pre-soaked with water at the start of the day so they are ready to use when needed.


- 4 pack- a tester for diaper changes! Just enough for you to test out and see if you like the product or enough to use for messy hands at the table for a day.


- 10 Pack- Part time use for nappy changes, or enough for three days of messy hands at the table!


- 30 pack- enough for full time use for approximately 2-3 days of nappy changes.  You need alot less reusable vs disposable wipes per nappy change!

  • Care Instructions

    Wash wipes at 40-60 degrees Celsius.

    Wash coloured wipes with dark colours to prevent colour run into lighter coloured clothing.

    Wipes can be thrown in with your modern cloth nappies.

    Slight shrinkage is normal after the first few washes because of the bamboo/cotton fabric.

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$9.00Sale Price
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